They dare, we win!

»I always felt like being on stage was like walking out in the middle of a highway. You're in a place where you know you're not supposed to be. But at the same time, you feel like the king of the highway. There's this adrenaline kick. You feel like you can be run over by a car at any time.«* 

Vilde Frang is often described as feisty, quirky, organic or irreverent. An uncompromising artist, who dares to go where a lot of her fellow members of today's classical music superstar circle don't. She bravely ventures in interpretative territories unknown and her (and our) reward is a discovery of new depths in music, event the one which is so familiar it surely holds no more surprises.

Quite a few of those surely await in Brahm's Double Concerto, where Nicolas Altstaedt will join her. Another artist, who dares to stay true to himself, in spite the mighty music industry forcing more and more of it's brightest stars into the moulds, which will assure better sales, but not necessarily better art.

Uncompromising playing, uncompromising faith in one's art and two of the most exciting artists of our time... He who dares, wins, the saying goes. In our case, we are the winners! Our reward: an unforgettable evening with distinctive, unique musical DNA awaits! Artistic Courage, September 21.


Interwiev with Hartmut Welscher, 2016,