Thank you!

This year we've said we'll be bold. We'll dare to go further, try new things, think out of the box, and break free from limitations imposed by traditions. In our passion for creativity and love of good music, we'll accept no compromises.

And we've done it!

We've broken some moulds, we've swept away some prejudices, we've wiped out some boundaries! Unknown territories have been chartered; unique sounds have been discovered. New collaborations have been done; new audiences have been wowed, new music has been played, new friendships have been made.

Isn't it just what (good) festivals are about?

It is! It has been so for 50 years, since 1969 when the tradition of our festival begun, and it will be so for the next 50! We'll see to it, with all power, all our passion, and all our heart.

So, we thank you for being with us this September, dear friends! Thank you, our fantastic musicians for giving it all on our stages, and thank you, our dear audiences, for being so faithful, curious and openminded.

See you all in 2020!