Smells like magic

Perfumery is the artful combination of scents that produce a unique fragrance, which enchants our senses, stirs our emotions and creates memories. To anyone who works in music, this sounds very familiar: the very same words could be used to describe festival programming! Just as perfumery, it is a subtle and delicate art of selecting, combining, contrasting and blending, the precious ingredients being carefully chosen musicians, their personalities, artistic credos and expressions and the music, its genres and periods, atmospheres and emotions.

To stick with the perfumes, let us say that Festival Maribor 2019 has the potential of becoming the next Chanel 5! Once again headed by the extraordinary violoncellist, leader of the Haydn Philharmonic and creative genius behind the acclaimed Lockenhaus festival Nicolas Aaltstaedt, we are proud to presents an array of excellent and world-renowned artists.

We are thrilled to welcome the charismatic Hungarian virtuoso Barnabás Kelemen, the most brilliant and engaging violinists of his generation and his partner in art and life Katalin Kokas, praised for her passionate renditions of both viola and violin repertoire. From France, we have the celebrated tuba and serpent virtuoso, equally at home both in jazz, classical and improvised music, Michel Godard. From Austria, we have the pianist Christian Schmidt and baritone Klemens Sander, world-acclaimed recitalist devoted to the classical lied. The same can be said for his Slovenian colleague, the soprano Theresa Plut. Also from Slovenia, we have Vasko Atanasovski, the celebrated multiinstrumentalist and composer, his talented violoncellist son Ariel Vei Atanasovski, pianists Adriana Magdovski and Nejc Lavrenčič and the renowned actor, poet and author Andrej Rozman Roza. Our festival orchestra, the Haydn Philharmonic, will share the stage with The Slovenian Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra, The SNG Maribor Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Simon Krečič, the No Border Orchestra with Premil Petrović and a world unicum, the celebrated Vegetable Orchestra from Vienna.

All are here to create that unique, elusive, magical atmosphere and memorable experience, which transforms the mundanity of our lives and elevates our souls and – just as the best fragrances – stays in our memories forever!

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