Seize the Grail

Anticipating our The Magic of Two concert (14. 9.), one can't help to ponder the delicate balance, which makes the essence of a duet. That fragile, yet powerful bond connecting two musicians, two artists, two universes and joining them into one. That profound bond where one look, one breath, one tiniest gesture leads the way to the absolute »oneness«.

What bliss!

And not just in music! Isn't such perfect unity what every single one of us is striving for in our lives? Our holy grail? And just as the medieval knights, we all have to slay some dragons trying to reach it. Egotism, vanity, lack of empathy … Big, dangerous monsters.
Fight them with love! With passion! With devotion!

Get inspired by our artists, and let their selfless commitment to Music lead your way. Join Nicolas Altstaedt,  Katalin Kokas and Barnabás Kelemen this Saturday at 19.30 in the Knight's Hall, and you'll realise that the holy grail not only exists – it is within your reach!