Save the date!

Festival Maribor is proudly announcing its 2019 programme, which is all about crossing the boundaries, breaking the moulds, wiping out borders and connecting the (seemingly) unconnectable.

From September 10th to 19th we’ll be admiring the power of sincerity and feeling the magnetic force between two musicians forming a duet. We’ll be travelling through time and space, discovering new musical universes and marvelling at the sounds we’ve never heard before. We’ll connect French charm and German precision with Hungarian temperament, the music of the renaissance with jazz, classical masterpieces with electronic dance tracks, ancient instruments with instruments made out of fresh vegetables!


Intrigued? Check out all about the programmes and don’t forget to enter the dates between September 10th and September 19th in your calendars! We can hardly wait for them (and you) to come!

Welcome to the Maribor Festival 2019!


Tickets are available from July 2nd, please click here to purchase online. Pre-sales discount: 20% for purchases until August 18th (evening concerts only). For more discounts and information, please click here or call our box-office +386 (0) 2 229 40 50.