Save the date! For a celebration.

What times! After the confusion and the chaos of the past months, it feels so good to win back some normality, positivity, and optimism! And it’s with the later that we proudly (and boldly) announce the dates of Festival Maribor 2020: September 17th – September 26th!

It will be so much more than just another festival! It will be a celebration! Of life, of joy, of audiences returning to auditoriums and artists returning to stages! Of togetherness. Of sharing the miracle of life and live music.

And it will be a celebration in the best company. We’ll marvel at the profundity and intrinsic musicality of the two of the worlds most celebrated artists of today. Violoncellist Nicolas Altstaedt and the Norwegian star violinist Vilde Frang will join together for the mesmerizing Brahms’ Double concerto, accompanied by Slovenian Philharmonic under the baton of Marko Letonja. For an evening of trios by Beethoven, whose works are the focal point of our programmes this year, the magnetic duo will be joined by the renowned British violist Lawrence Power, noted both for solo performances and for chamber music with the Nash Ensemble and Leopold String Trio.

We’ll be testing boundaries of classical music (and instruments) with the whirlwind Austrian duo BartolomeyBittmann. We’ll cross the boundaries between audience and performers, by joining the Slovenian Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra in Anders Lind’s daring compositions for orchestra and smartphones! If you have you ever dreamed of performing at a classical concert, make sure to join us for this novel and fascinating experience.

Intrigued? Follow our further announcements at and on Facebook and Instagram. And don’t forget to enter the dates between September 17th and September 26th in your calendars!