Same time, same place

We've made it. And how! Not a concert cancelled, not a ticket returned and last but not least – not a single case of infection or medical issues. Noone thought the later will ever find it's way into a classical music festival newsletter – but, no one expected half of the things the year 2020 has brought upon us!

Challenges, which we have faced and with much help from you, our faithful audiences, managed brilliantly. We are grateful for your kind acceptance of all the changes the 2020 Festival Maribor had to make. We appreciate your patience with last-minute changes and tweaks of our programme. We can't thank you enough for your compliance with all the safety and health rules and – above all –  you showing up, enjoying the live music-making and rewarding the artists with long and hearty applause!

A big thank you also to our fantastic artists! For trusting our ability to organise a (safe) festival in these circumstances. For coming to Maribor, although travelling is anything but easy and risk-free. For accepting new responsibilities and selflessly taking up additional performances, and – last but not least -  for giving it all on our stages!

The 2020 Festival was not only challenging; it was rewarding as well. We have learned so much! Valuable lessons about humans and humanity, music and art. About the power of working together towards the same goal. By closing our ranks, we have set new standards and proven that the concert halls can stay open and that music can live and thrive even in most complicated situations.
We are stronger, wiser and even more determinate to make great music again, and therefore very much looking forward to the Festival Maribor 2021. See you, same time, same place. Until then: stay healthy, make and enjoy music!