Songs without words - with a groove

General Maister Hall, Narodni dom Maribor

26. 9. 2020 at 19:30

BartolomeyBittmann, Progressive Strings Vienna
Matthias Bartolomey, Cello
Klemens Bittmann, Violin, Mandola



The web of styles that the accomplished string players Matthias Bartolomey (cello) and Klemens Bittmann (violin, viola, mandola) weave in their highly diverse performances connects classical chamber music with jazz, rock and even a little pop music. The BartolomeyBittmann duo combine a deep affection and respect for the sound of their instruments with a passion for the mutual discovery of new soundscapes. Their music jumps playfully between powerfully fast riffs, spontaneous improvisations and dreamy, heartfelt passages. Perhaps most surprisingly, the Austrian Styrian-Viennese duo is able to awaken a unique groove with their classical instruments, that appeals to listeners of all tastes: both those with a more classical background as well as sensitive fans of good modern popular music.

With the Dynamo project (recorded in a studio version in 2019) the duo offers the crowning achievement of their unique art. The title, which comes from the Greek word “dynamis” and means power, reflects the technological nature of the creative philosophy of the duo with its associations to energy and movement. The concert includes a series of heartfelt songs without words which, like real children of our time, seek to find themselves in the tension between the strength and noise of urban life, as well as in a sense of humanity that feels at home in nature.

* Tickets: 14 € / Senior 11,20 € / Students, Disability 7 €
Discounted tickets can be purchased at the Information office of Narodni dom Maribor or at the concert venue up to an hour before the concert.

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