Anders Lind: Lines

Vetrinjski dvor Mansion

15. 9. 2020 at 15:00 - 6. 10. 2020 at 18:00

Anders Lind, Author

An Interactive Sound Exhibition
Vetrinjski dvor, Maribor
15 September, from 3 PM to 6PM
16 September – 6 October, 2020, open every day from 10 AM to 6 PM, except Sundays


The five-lined staff, the foundational element of Western music notation, inspired Swedish composer, sound and visual artist Anders Lind to design this original installation from groups of five lines. Lind’s lines are colored and arranged around the room – on the wall, on the floor or hanging from the ceiling. Combined with sensors and electronics, they form three different musical instruments that invite visitors to playfully interact with the exhibit and engage in musical exploration. By moving the arms and legs, jumping, dancing and every other movement you can think of, the space is filled with music composed by the exploring visitor!

No prior music education is required to participate, but even experienced composers and other musicians will certainly discover the challenges and opportunities that await them within the installation. Lines aims to enable new forms of musical interaction, exploring new avenues of artistic expression and providing a unique and inspiring musical experience.

Lines is a participatory artwork, a collaboration of people and technology, inviting you to explore in contemplative solitude or together with friends or family.

*Free entry. For guided group tours, contact us at: (Nina Kojc).

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