Oh, my Bach!

It happened. What we all feared from day one, but hoped to avoid. We did all that we could, but the virus that managed to put the whole world under its reign, once more proved its crown is a powerful omen, ruling over everything we do these days, Festival Maribor's programme schedule no exception.

Lawrence Power, the eagerly anticipated third of our "all-star trio" is not being able to attend the festival due to the pandemic travel restrictions. So, we are deeply saddened to announce that our An evening for Beethoven programme, scheduled for Tuesday, September 22nd has to be altered.

As the capricious goddess Fortuna seems to be shunning us, we have turned to another deity for help. The authority supreme of musical Olymp, no less. Johann Sebastian Bach.

A concert programme dedicated entirely to his cello-suites, nicknamed »The Old testament of cello literature« for their immense impact on classical music, is no doubt a more than worthy replacement, and a wonderful gift to all chamber music devotees! Especially with Nicolas Altstaedt as a soloist. A virtuoso, whose mesmerising interpretation of Bach's masterpieces have won him international acclaim, didn't hesitate for a moment to jump in, proving once more his absolute commitment to Art and Music.

Thank you, Nicolas! Thank you from our hearts! We are grateful to have you in our Festival Maribor family, and we appreciate your willingness to step in on such short notice.

We are positive that you, our audience, will appreciate it as well. As one critic described Altstaedt's Bach Cello suites performance: »When he plays, as a listener one realises immediately: he has something to say!« So let's listen and hear what messages the musical deities have for us! It must be one of optimism and gratefulness for having such wonderful music and musicians helping us through these difficult times!