Same time, same place

We've made it. And how! Not a concert cancelled, not a ticket returned and last but not least – not a single case of infection or medical issues. Noone thought the later will ever find it's way into a classical music festival newsletter – but, no one expected half of the things the year 2020 has brought upon us!

Challenges, which we have faced and with much help from you, our faithful audiences, managed brilliantly. We are grateful for your kind acceptance of all the changes the 2020 Festival Maribor had to make. We appreciate your patience with last-minute changes and tweaks of our programme. We can't thank you enough for your compliance with all the safety and health rules and – above all –  you showing up, enjoying the live music-making and rewarding the artists with long and hearty applause!

A big thank you also to our fantastic artists! For trusting our ability to organise a (safe) festival in these circumstances. For coming to Maribor, although travelling is anything but easy and risk-free. For accepting new responsibilities and selflessly taking up additional performances, and – last but not least -  for giving it all on our stages!

The 2020 Festival was not only challenging; it was rewarding as well. We have learned so much! Valuable lessons about humans and humanity, music and art. About the power of working together towards the same goal. By closing our ranks, we have set new standards and proven that the concert halls can stay open and that music can live and thrive even in most complicated situations.

We are stronger, wiser and even more determinate to make great music again, and therefore very much looking forward to the Festival Maribor 2021. See you, same time, same place. Until then: stay healthy, make and enjoy music!


Going out with a bang! 

Organising a festival in times of COVID 19 felt like dancing on the verge of a volcano. Everybody on their toes, because everybody knew it might all go well, but it might just as well turn into mayhem all of a sudden, and end up with a massive explosion.

It indeed was an unchartered territory, which came with a complex mix of big emotions and overwhelming moments.

Remember how our stellar guest,
Vilde Frang, described playing a concert being like stepping out in the middle of a highway? That's exactly how this year's festival felt! Breathtaking, thrilling, full of excitement, explosive energy and enthusiasm.

And this is also how we can best describe our last 2020 festival event. BartolomeyBittmann Progressive Strings Vienna is nothing short of a musical earthquake, shaking the most prominent festivals and concert halls all over the world with their highly diverse performances, magnetic charisma, delicate subtility and electrifying intensity.

All said, the 2020 Festival Maribor ends appropriately: with a bang! And some very special groove.


Oh, my Bach!

It happened. What we all feared from day one, but hoped to avoid. We did all that we could, but the virus that managed to put the whole world under its reign, once more proved its crown is a powerful omen, ruling over everything we do these days, Festival Maribor's programme schedule no exception.

Lawrence Power, the eagerly anticipated third of our "all-star trio" is not being able to attend the festival due to the pandemic travel restrictions. So, we are deeply saddened to announce that our An evening for Beethoven programme, scheduled for Tuesday, September 22nd has to be altered.

As the capricious goddess Fortuna seems to be shunning us, we have turned to another deity for help. The authority supreme of musical Olymp, no less. Johann Sebastian Bach.

A concert programme dedicated entirely to his cello-suites, nicknamed »The Old testament of cello literature« for their immense impact on classical music, is no doubt a more than worthy replacement, and a wonderful gift to all chamber music devotees! Especially with Nicolas Altstaedt as a soloist. A virtuoso, whose mesmerising interpretation of Bach's masterpieces have won him international acclaim, didn't hesitate for a moment to jump in, proving once more his absolute commitment to Art and Music.

Thank you, Nicolas! Thank you from our hearts! We are grateful to have you in our Festival Maribor family, and we appreciate your willingness to step in on such short notice.

We are positive that you, our audience, will appreciate it as well. As one critic described Altstaedt's Bach Cello suites performance: »When he plays, as a listener one realises immediately: he has something to say!« So let's listen and hear what messages the musical deities have for us! It must be one of optimism and gratefulness for having such wonderful music and musicians helping us through these difficult times!





They dare, we win!

»I always felt like being on stage was like walking out in the middle of a highway. You're in a place where you know you're not supposed to be. But at the same time, you feel like the king of the highway. There's this adrenaline kick. You feel like you can be run over by a car at any time.«* 

Vilde Frang is often described as feisty, quirky, organic or irreverent. An uncompromising artist, who dares to go where a lot of her fellow members of today's classical music superstar circle don't. She bravely ventures in interpretative territories unknown and her (and our) reward is a discovery of new depths in music, event the one which is so familiar it surely holds no more surprises.

Quite a few of those surely await in Brahm's Double Concerto, where Nicolas Altstaedt will join her. Another artist, who dares to stay true to himself, in spite the mighty music industry forcing more and more of it's brightest stars into the moulds, which will assure better sales, but not necessarily better art.

Uncompromising playing, uncompromising faith in one's art and two of the most exciting artists of our time... He who dares, wins, the saying goes. In our case, we are the winners! Our reward: an unforgettable evening with distinctive, unique musical DNA awaits! Artistic Courage, September 21.


Interwiev with Hartmut Welscher, 2016,


Beethoven and a prince?

In fairy tales, the oldest sibling is always loved the most by the parents, and therefore usually aloof, selfish, and quite simple mean to the younger ones. The youngest though, no matter how neglected, is the one whose quiet beauty, good soul and gentle character win the sympathies of readers. It is always the one who gets the prince (or princess) in the end A happy end, of course.

In the case of Beethoven's sister compositions, the well-known and overwhelmingly popular Ninth Symphony and its lesser-known little sister, Choral Fantasy, the fairy tale scenario is a bit different. The latter is, in fact, older. Still, its fate is just as the one, described above. Quite forgotten and hidden in the dark shadow of its famous sister, it became music's own Sleeping beauty, waiting for its prince.

Festival Maribor has found him! Presenting the dashing young prince of piano, whose indisputable and internationally admired talent will serve as that magical kiss, bringing the Fantasy to life, allowing the music to shine in all its beauty – 
Nejc Kamplet:

»In times of technology, and the world of formality, rationality and practicality, allowing our fantasy to come to life is more important than ever. I am sure Beethoven's Fantasy will elevate us all into a state, which will inspire and enrich the way we experience our world.«

It is a well-known fact that Beethoven's relationships with princes and aristocrats, in general, was, well, complicated. But we are sure; he'd approve of Nejc, sharing the composer's happiness in love of art. So join him and the soloists, choir and orchestra of Slovene National Theatre Maribor on September 17th

Believe in magic. Of fairy tales. And music.



Beethoven and aliens

People say music is a language anyone speaks and understands. Even the aliens. Just remember the five-note sequence from Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which convinced the visitors from space that humans are too good to be blown into pieces. That same task is put before Beethoven. His Fifth Symphony, floating with the Voyager 2 in outer space, is among the selected music tasked with a gargantuan mission: to present the possible intelligent creatures out there with a comprehensive explanation of life on Earth and tens of thousands of years of human culture. Bless the music, composers, and musicians.

Sometimes concert-goers (at least the ones who are not playing any instrument) can feel like aliens, too. We indeed enjoy the opportunity to listen to music created right there and then, but the thrill of creation itself eludes us just like the evasive green men dodge our telescopes and radars. But now, all this will change.

Anders Lind acknowledges us, the audience aliens, and he is inviting us join the party! With a little help of our smartphones and an app as colourful and simple as the animations in the movie mentioned above, we'll be able to connect with musicians and communicate with them. Finally, we are given a chance to create our culture, not just observe it as visitors from another planet. Helped by a small device we are going to make that giant leap and leave our first footprint in the uncharted territory, undoubtedly feeling just as triumphant and proud as Neil Armstrong!

The infinite space of possibilities awaits on 
September 25th. Reach for the stars!


P. S.: If you are not ready for the giant leap, start with a small step: check out Anders Lind's interactive exhibition Lines, and create music in your own space and time!


OMG, Beethoven!

»… I needed to isolate very early and live my life in loneliness. (…) I couldn't even ask the people: Please, speak loud, shout, because I'm deaf!«* 

Beethoven's letter, asking his friend to »describe my disease so that the world may reconcile with me, at least after my death« sums up the tragedy and torments of his life perfectly. Today, he'd probably send a text. Having the opportunity to talk to people without being around them in person, he would have been texting everybody. But – would he have liked it?

2020 taught us an important lesson: being human means being social. Having our phones to talk to each other, using cameras and computer screens to see one's faces, listening to recordings via headphones and watching concerts via screens is all good, and it helped us through the lockdown, but – it's not enough!

We all felt it. We all missed it. That moment of transcendence, which made the great Sergiu Celibidache detest recordings. That spark that 
Marko Letonja feels when performing for a live audience. Being a human means needing another human to feel like a person. To live fully. 

On the other hand, technology opens up the door to music and art in a way it has never been opened before. It democratizes them; it makes them available not just to consume, but to create! That's what Anders Lind explores and thematizes with his Mobile Phones Orchestra project, turning the listeners into performers.

What would Beethoven, an ardent believer in democracy say about that? What would appear in our text bubble? Thumbs up? OMG?

Festival Maribor offers you a chance to participate in the experiment, and get the experience enabling you to make an educated guess. The answer, however, will be given to us by the future.


*letter to Franz Gerhard Wegeler, 1801


Keeping the faith. And good health.

In this turbulent and all but relaxing summer, classical music festivals all over the world are all but »business as usual«.

Nothing is as usual, and as different countries and even different regions tackle the corona chaos in different ways, there are no models to look up to. So, we invented ours! All through the spring and summer we have been planning and re-planning, modelling and remodelling the festival until it felt just right.

What kept us going was a simple conviction: humans need art and music. In these crazy times more than ever! Not just on our screens and headphones. As though they are all right and there is nothing wrong with live streaming and recordings, something is missing.

If there is one lesson, we learned from the lockdown it is that being a human means craving interactions with other humans! We need to get together, we need to share; we need to feel the energy coming from the musicians creating magic right before our eyes.

And that is what we are going to do. From September 17th to September 26th we will open our venues, we will welcome our extraordinary musicians and say hello again our faithful audiences. And we will enjoy all that we were craving for during the lockdown. Music! Live and alive. Creative energy. Palpable and magnetic.

But all the time we will be keeping in mind, that to be able to enjoy it further, to be able to keep the doors of our auditoriums open throughout the autumn and winter, we all need to stay healthy.

Therefore the safety of our artists and our audiences remains in our focus. We are closely monitoring the situation both in Slovenia and in Europe. We are in daily contact with the Ministry of Health and National Institute of Public Health, rigorously following all the measures, aimed to provide and assure a risk-free, safe festival experience.

So, you are most heartily and most safely welcome! We are convinced that Festival Maribor 2020, even though shorter, will be able to put smiles of joy on your faces. No matter if they stay hidden behind protection masks. We'll feel them in our hearts! And that's what counts.



Save the date! For a celebration.

What times! After the confusion and the chaos of the past months, it feels so good to win back some normality, positivity, and optimism! And it’s with the later that we proudly (and boldly) announce the dates of Festival Maribor 2020: September 17th – September 26th!

It will be so much more than just another festival! It will be a celebration! Of life, of joy, of audiences returning to auditoriums and artists returning to stages! Of togetherness. Of sharing the miracle of life and live music.

And it will be a celebration in the best company. We’ll marvel at the profundity and intrinsic musicality of the two of the worlds most celebrated artists of today. Violoncellist
Nicolas Altstaedt and the Norwegian star violinist Vilde Frang will join together for the mesmerizing Brahms’ Double concerto, accompanied by Slovenian Philharmonic under the baton of Marko Letonja. For an evening of trios by Beethoven, whose works are the focal point of our programmes this year, the magnetic duo will be joined by the renowned British violist Lawrence Power, noted both for solo performances and for chamber music with the Nash Ensemble and Leopold String Trio.

We’ll be testing boundaries of classical music (and instruments) with the whirlwind Austrian duo BartolomeyBittmann. We’ll cross the boundaries between audience and performers, by joining the Slovenian Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra in Anders Lind’s daring compositions for orchestra and smartphones! If you have you ever dreamed of performing at a classical concert, make sure to join us for this novel and fascinating experience.

Intrigued? Follow our further announcements at and on Facebook and Instagram. And don’t forget to enter the dates between September 17th and September 26th in your calendars!


Thank you!

This year we've said we'll be bold. We'll dare to go further, try new things, think out of the box, and break free from limitations imposed by traditions. In our passion for creativity and love of good music, we'll accept no compromises.

And we've done it!

We've broken some moulds, we've swept away some prejudices, we've wiped out some boundaries! Unknown territories have been chartered; unique sounds have been discovered. New collaborations have been done; new audiences have been wowed, new music has been played, new friendships have been made.

Isn't it just what (good) festivals are about?

It is! It has been so for 50 years, since 1969 when the tradition of our festival begun, and it will be so for the next 50! We'll see to it, with all power, all our passion, and all our heart.


So, we thank you for being with us this September, dear friends! Thank you, our fantastic musicians for giving it all on our stages, and thank you, our dear audiences, for being so faithful, curious and openminded.

See you all in 2020!


Dare to be free

In dictionaries, freedom is defined as »the state of being unrestricted and able to move easily.« Applied to No Borders Orchestra this definition is very much spot on, but as often in art, it goes well beyond the apparent. Yes, indeed the orchestra, which consists of members from all ex-Yugoslavian states wipes out the geographical borders. And yes, their programme marks the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, thus celebrating another physical boundary being eradicated.

But it is just as well about borders, which are much less tangible — boundaries between musical genres. For No Borders Orchestra, they simply don't exist! So, get ready for an evening of thrilling encounters, when two seemingly opposite music worlds — that of classical and that of electronic dance music – collide, giving birth to a whole new musical universe! Waste, unlimited, untouched spheres just waiting to be explored.

Dare it! Forget definitions and limitations, drop the prejudices, open your mind, and feel the freedom!


The power of unity

Nicolas Altstaedt never fails to mesmerise the audiences with his utmost sincerity, subtle musicality and profound understanding of music: its meaning, its messages, its power. With his Haydn Philharmonic, the resident orchestra of Festival Maribor, he turns even the most “classical” and well-known piece into an exciting musical discovery, full of freshness and surprises, yet always true to its core and with the utmost respect to its composer.

The very same goes for Barnabás Kelemen, the brilliant Hungarian violinist, whom journalists all over the world describe as extraordinarily earthy, direct, passionate and authentic.

So, putting the two on our stage together promises not just memorable musical events, but profound, life-changing experiences — the ones, which have the power to move mountains and bridge oceans.

So make sure you don’t miss them! Your first chance for the “double power” is on September 13th. With Shostakovich’s Cello Concerto No.2 – emotionally intense and full of a strait, and Schubert’s Symphony No. 5 – bubbly and full of life, they will be joining what seemingly cannot be joined and connecting of what seemingly cannot be connected.

What profound power! Of music, as well as of the two musicians, artists extraordinaire!


Tickets are available from July 2nd, please click here to purchase online. For more discounts and information, please click here or call our box-office +386 (0) 2 229 40 50.


Smells like magic

Perfumery is the artful combination of scents that produce a unique fragrance, which enchants our senses, stirs our emotions and creates memories. To anyone who works in music, this sounds very familiar: the very same words could be used to describe festival programming! Just as perfumery, it is a subtle and delicate art of selecting, combining, contrasting and blending, the precious ingredients being carefully chosen musicians, their personalities, artistic credos and expressions and the music, its genres and periods, atmospheres and emotions.

To stick with the perfumes, let us say that
Festival Maribor 2019 has the potential of becoming the next Chanel 5! Once again headed by the extraordinary violoncellist, leader of the Haydn Philharmonic and creative genius behind the acclaimed Lockenhaus festival Nicolas Aaltstaedt, we are proud to presents an array of excellent and world-renowned artists.

We are thrilled to welcome the charismatic Hungarian virtuoso Barnabás Kelemen, the most brilliant and engaging violinists of his generation and his partner in art and life Katalin Kokas, praised for her passionate renditions of both viola and violin repertoire. From France, we have the celebrated tuba and serpent virtuoso, equally at home both in jazz, classical and improvised music, Michel Godard. From Austria, we have the pianist Christian Schmidt and baritone Klemens Sander, world-acclaimed recitalist devoted to the classical lied. The same can be said for his Slovenian colleague, the soprano Theresa Plut. Also from Slovenia, we have Vasko Atanasovski, the celebrated multiinstrumentalist and composer, his talented violoncellist son Ariel Vei Atanasovski, pianists Adriana Magdovski and Nejc Lavrenčič and the renowned actor, poet and author Andrej Rozman Roza. Our festival orchestra, the Haydn Philharmonic, will share the stage with The Slovenian Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra, The SNG Maribor Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Simon Krečič, the No Border Orchestra with Premil Petrović and a world unicum, the celebrated Vegetable Orchestra from Vienna.

All are here to create that unique, elusive, magical atmosphere and memorable experience, which transforms the mundanity of our lives and elevates our souls and – just as the best fragrances – stays in our memories forever!

For more information about the Festival Maribor, 2019 performers visit


Tickets are available from July 2nd, please click here to purchase online. Pre-sales discount: 20% for purchases until August 18th (evening concerts only). For more discounts and information, please click here or call our box-office +386 (0) 2 229 40 50.


Save the date!

Festival Maribor is proudly announcing its 2019 programme, which is all about crossing the boundaries, breaking the moulds, wiping out borders and connecting the (seemingly) unconnectable.

From September 10th to 19th we’ll be admiring the power of sincerity and feeling the magnetic force between two musicians forming a duet. We’ll be travelling through time and space, discovering new musical universes and marvelling at the sounds we’ve never heard before. We’ll connect French charm and German precision with Hungarian temperament, the music of the renaissance with jazz, classical masterpieces with electronic dance tracks, ancient instruments with instruments made out of fresh vegetables!


Intrigued? Check out all about the programmes and don’t forget to enter the dates between September 10th and September 19th in your calendars! We can hardly wait for them (and you) to come!

Welcome to the Maribor Festival 2019!


Tickets are available from July 2nd, please click here to purchase online. Pre-sales discount: 20% for purchases until August 18th (evening concerts only). For more discounts and information, please click here or call our box-office +386 (0) 2 229 40 50.


Thank you!

How time flies when one is having a good time! It's hard to believe that Festival Maribor 2018 is over! We've been passionate, we've been struck by lightning, we've admired the power of human heart and enjoyed the laughter of children. We've gasped at the roars of nature, and celebrated lasting friendships. But, above all: we've enjoyed eight fantastic days and nights filled with great music.

For this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, dear
Nicolas Altstaedt, The Haydn Philharmonic, Alexander Lonquich, Slovenian Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra, The SNG Maribor Symphony Orchestra, Gergely Dubóczky, Dávid KutasLászló SeemanMahir KalmikBoštjan Lipovšek, Adriana Magdovski, Maribor Conservatory of Music and Ballet and Peter Kus.  Thank you for being the (passionate and powerful) heart of our festival, for giving it all on our stage and for being such great friends!

Also, thank you to our audiences, from the smallest concert goers (yes, the ones with pacifiers) to the grey-haired ones, who have been faithful companions of our festival for decades. It's because of all of you that we are preparing the next one already. Therefore we won't say goodbye, but: see you next September. Welcome to Festival Maribor 2019!


Power of the heart

Let’s start with some medical facts. A human heart beats about 115,200 times a day. That’s a whopping 4.800 beats per hour, which means, during our Sunday, September 23rd Powered by Heart concert a good 12.000 should be counted. Should. But won’t!

With the programme offering all of the Beethoven cello sonatas, there are bound to be much, much more. Not only because such programme is a challenge for both the performing musicians as well as listeners, but because it’s Beethoven’s tour de force, at the same time intimate and heroic, passionate and spiritual, dreamy and dramatic! A whole universe of atmospheres, thoughts and feelings, reflecting the entire lifespan of the troubled genius. With Alexander Lonquich and Nicolas Altstaedt on stage, this epic journey is bound to be highly intense and passionate, a firework of virtuosity and a rollercoaster of emotions. Are you up to it? How strong is your heart?


Thunder? Tornado!

“Mozart's music is so beautiful as to entice angels down to earth,” said Alexander von Kleist.

Well, we can’t honestly guarantee the celestial beings descending unto Union Hall
on Saturday, September 22th, but we can guarantee an evening full of (heavenly) beautiful music and – lightning strikes! One needs no weather charts to predict that Mozart’s last symphony, appropriately nicknamed after the supreme Roman deity, performed by the brilliant Haydn Philharmonic, led by the Nicolas Altsteadt means thunder and lightning just as sure as two and two make four.

Add the ever-popular Haydn’s “Clock” Symphony and Schumann’s breathtaking Cello Concerto to the mixture and what you get is a musical whirlwind of jupiterian proportions. No, not god this time. The planet. That giant with a mass one-thousandth that of the Sun. Or two-and-a-half times that of all the other planets in the Solar System combined. Enormous proportions for enormous joy! Don’t miss it!


From pacifiers to trumpets

Do you remember your first classical music concert? Most of us do. The excitement of anticipating something new, important and big, the solemnness of people around you, the awkwardness of being the only kid among grown-ups, the stiffness of the collar of your Sunday best shirt …

And then the sounds, the music, the magic, the awe! A very special memory we proudly treasure for the rest of our lives.

However, we at the
Festival Maribor are proud to say we are guilty of a whole generation of concertgoers who definitely won't remember their first concerts! Not because of some traumatic experience (God forbid), but simply because they attended when they were still in their nappies! Yes, nappies! Festival Maribor is one of the (few) classical music festivals, which can boast an audience whose age is being counted in months, not years, and who enter our concert halls not holding mom's hands but being carried in them!


Our concerts for babies and toddlers are a hit and a sure investment in our future because even if our little concertgoers might not remember the event, it is certain that the joy of listening to classical music being performed live and up-close stays stored. And grows into love for it.

Exploring sounds and making music is one of the greatest joys in human life, so this year we have prepared even more of it (and not just for toddlers)! Introducing The Garden of Sounds, a magical place where plants and animals come alive through sounds. It's an exhibition of a particular kind, where you won't find any "Do not touch!" signs. On the contrary! We will invite you to take the objects into your hands and explore them. We will challenge you to produce sounds with them and create music!

Do accept our challenge! Excitement (and memories) guaranteed!


Passion a l'anglaise

Which nation springs to mind as being passionate? Most certainly, the Italians (at least about good food and wine), undoubtedly the French (passionate about, well, passion, the "amour fou"), the Spaniards, perhaps, with no lesser than Don Juan waving the flag for them, but - the English? Passionate? Most of us at the Festival Maribor agreed, that they don’t seem the obvious candidate. As one of our colleagues described: “The only really passionate moment I can remember from my times spent across the channel was a heated quarrel between my landlady and her cousins about what goes on a scone first: cream or jam? They got really passionate about it (all raised voices and flushed cheeks), and before the case was settled, I managed to eat half a ton of them without even being noticed. (I put jam first, in case you wondered.)”

Nicolas Altstaedt and Barbara Švrljuga Hergovich, responsible for our festival’s  programme, are of the opposite conviction. (Not about scones, about the English!) They are quite sure the English are a passionate, hot-blooded nation, and they intend to prove it! Enter Haydn and Elgar and their masterpieces! Performed by the passionate and spirited Haydn Philharmonics following the lead of their charismatic artistic director, they are sure to sweep us from our feat, make our hearts flutter and prove, that "beneath every elegantly inscribed page, amiable melody and apparent light-heartedness simmers a lust for life, like liquid lava under the sleepy surface of the green English landscape."

So, let us forget those cultural clichés. And forget those gently baked scones. Passion is best consumed - raw!


Passion. For music. For life!

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion!” a philosopher* said, and we at the Festival Maribor couldn’t agree more.

Passion is the force behind the unbridled creativity, which became the trade mark of our festival. It is the bursting, burning, explosive energy, which drives our musicians into the unimagined heights. It is the invisible force, which draws our audiences like a magnet. It si the unstoppable power, which fuses both of them together until they became one, joined in a powerful eruption of emotions.

This is why we put passion into the centre of our 2018 programmes: from Haydn’s passion for beauty to Beethoven’s passion for freedom, from Mozart’s passion for life to children’s passion for learning. With the charismatic (and passionate) Nicolas Altstaedt leading the pack, and with Alexander Lonquich, Haydn Philharmonie, Slovenian Philharmonic Chamber String Orchestra, Gergely Dubóczky, Mahir Kalmik, Dávid Kutas, László Seeman, Boštjan Lipovšek and SNG Maribor Symphony orchestra following in his step, there is no doubt great things await us!

So join us from September 20th to September 28th and unleash your passion for (great) music. And life!

*G. W. F. Hegel


Early bird tickets until September 7

Ticket sales for the Festival Maribor 2018 starts on Monday, 9 July 2018.

A 20% discount is available for pre-sale tickets until 7 September.

Discounts and benefits are also available for senior citizens (20% discount) for groups of over 10 people (20% discount) for friends of the Festival (subscribers to the Narodni dom, Slovene national theatre Maribor, members of Svet knjige, members of the mediatheque IFS and members of SIGIC) (20% discount) and for students, youth and disabled persons (50% discount).

Tickets for evening concerts cost 25 euros (opening concert: Passion Through Music, Jupiter's Lightning Bolt, La Passione, closing concert: The Power of Nature, The Power of Music), or 20 euros (Powered by Heart), tickets for the children's concert Bumm Krach Peng cost 4 euros.

Visitors can also opt for a festival subscription, which includes all 5 evening concerts, and costs 100 euros.

Free tickets are available for unemployed persons. It is possible to buy tickets online at, in the Information Office of the Narodni dom and an hour before the festival concert at the concert venue.

All ticket information can be obtained from the Information Office:
Narodni dom, Ulica kneza Koclja 9, entrance from the street Ulica slovenske osamosvojitve Maribor, every weekday between 10 am and 5 pm, on Saturday between 9 am and 12 am.
Between 16 July and 19 August, the information Office is closed, at which time it is possible to buy tickets online.

All information on tickets is available at For all information and other details please call 02/229 4001 or write us at: