The Maribor Opera Chorus

The Maribor Opera Chorus is considered one of the leading vocal ensembles in the north-eastern Slovenian region with a decades-long music tradition. The artistic activity of the chorus is not only related to the musical theatre production of the Maribor Opera House, but also to independent concert performances, either a cappella or in various vocal and instrumental settings.

After a long period of leadership under a Slovene composer Maksimiljan Feguš, Robert Mraček became the head of the choir in 1996 and was succeeded by Daniela Candillari in 2011, who led the choir until the end of the 2011/2012 season. In the 2012/2013 season, Zsuzsa Budavari Novak was appointed as a new chorus-mistress.

Over the last decade, the choir's repertoire has greatly expanded, especially with technically demanding compositions by Mozart, Offenbach, J. Haydn, M. Haydn, A. Dvořák, C. Orff, G. Holst, L. M. Škerjanc, Mahler, Rossini, L. Bernstein, H. Shore, G. Verdi and other important composers of our time. With its long-term presence on the music scene, the Maribor Opera Chorus has played a significant part in promoting musical tradition of the city of Maribor and its region to a wider international audiences; moreover, some distinguished soloists of Maribor Opera have emerged from its choral ranks and were featured in musicals, cabarets, classical concert works and contemporary musical theatre genres.