Andrej Rozman Roza

The author, playwright and actor Andrej Rozman, affectionately known throughout Slovenia as “Roza”, was born in Ljubljana in 1955. In 1978 he abandoned his Slovenian studies and together with friends established the “Pre-disintegration Street Theater”. In the following years, the troupe organized a series of high-profile tours by foreign street theater companies in Ljubljana, helping to dispel the authorities’ fear of spontaneous street events. From 1981 to 1995, Roza led the alternative Ana Monro Theater and established improvisational theater competitions in Slovenia.

He is the author of parodic and comic poems, fairy tales and comedy theater for children and adults, and has reworked classic texts for other media, often recasting them into a modern setting. In March 2003 he founded his own theater company Rozinteater, while in June 2009 he established the (satirical) religious community People for Nothing. His work is featured in numerous textbooks and anthologies (“Smile Under Tears,” “Slovenian Laughter,” “Free After…" “Flowerbed of Slovenian Parody,” “Pieces,” “Other Pieces,” “Golden Bee” and others. Because he does not believe in Slovenian cultural and linguistic politics, he has weaned himself from poetry and has devoted himself to the export of handier prose. He is the recipient of several Levstik awards.

His work is presented on his website,

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