Going out with a bang! 

Organising a festival in times of COVID 19 felt like dancing on the verge of a volcano. Everybody on their toes, because everybody knew it might all go well, but it might just as well turn into mayhem all of a sudden, and end up with a massive explosion.

It indeed was an unchartered territory, which came with a complex mix of big emotions and overwhelming moments.

Remember how our stellar guest, Vilde Frang, described playing a concert being like stepping out in the middle of a highway? That's exactly how this year's festival felt! Breathtaking, thrilling, full of excitement, explosive energy and enthusiasm.

And this is also how we can best describe our last 2020 festival event. BartolomeyBittmann Progressive Strings Vienna is nothing short of a musical earthquake, shaking the most prominent festivals and concert halls all over the world with their highly diverse performances, magnetic charisma, delicate subtility and electrifying intensity.

All said, the 2020 Festival Maribor ends appropriately: with a bang! And some very special groove.