Beethoven and a prince?

In fairy tales, the oldest sibling is always loved the most by the parents, and therefore usually aloof, selfish, and quite simple mean to the younger ones. The youngest though, no matter how neglected, is the one whose quiet beauty, good soul and gentle character win the sympathies of readers. It is always the one who gets the prince (or princess) in the end A happy end, of course.

In the case of Beethoven's sister compositions, the well-known and overwhelmingly popular Ninth Symphony and its lesser-known little sister, Choral Fantasy, the fairy tale scenario is a bit different. The latter is, in fact, older. Still, its fate is just as the one, described above. Quite forgotten and hidden in the dark shadow of its famous sister, it became music's own Sleeping beauty, waiting for its prince.

Festival Maribor has found him! Presenting the dashing young prince of piano, whose indisputable and internationally admired talent will serve as that magical kiss, bringing the Fantasy to life, allowing the music to shine in all its beauty – Nejc Kamplet:
»In times of technology, and the world of formality, rationality and practicality, allowing our fantasy to come to life is more important than ever. I am sure Beethoven's Fantasy will elevate us all into a state, which will inspire and enrich the way we experience our world.«

It is a well-known fact that Beethoven's relationships with princes and aristocrats, in general, was, well, complicated. But we are sure; he'd approve of Nejc, sharing the composer's happiness in love of art. So join him and the soloists, choir and orchestra of Slovene National Theatre Maribor on September 17th

Believe in magic. Of fairy tales. And music.