What’s your passion?

Find your passion! Follow your passion! These lines read like marketing slogans, don’t they? Indeed, in our modern life, where most commodities are just a mouse-click away, we tend to believe passion is all about doing whatever makes us feel good about ourselves and make our life full (of new shoes or fancy cars in most cases). In our comfy-fluffy consumerism bubble, we tend to forget passion is anything but a feel-good journey to whatever we desire. We’re talking real desire here, forget those shoes and cars! About wanting something so badly, it makes us defy reason and step into something, even though it hurts. We have no choice! The sensible thing would be to turn around and walk away, but we don’t. We can’t. It means too much. That’s passion!

So, have you got something like this in your life? Have you found your true passion yet? If the answer is no, but you wish to find it, our La Passione concert is the thing to do. It’s programme featuring some of the most passionate and contemplative music ever written, performed by excellent musicians, who have found their life’s passion in playing it (Alexander Lonquich and the Slovenian Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra with guests), it is a perfect opportunity to disconnect yourself from the outer world and search your soul. There’s bound to be passion there. We promise!

PS: We also promise, that the suffering part comes long after you’ve left our concert hall!