The real thing!

In times of virtual relationships and speed dating, women with six-packs, and hipsters with man-buns, being romantic is … well… difficult. Just to be clear: I am talking about the old-school romantic, not the “I-texted-you-a-red-rose-emoticon” romantic.

Remember the days, when being romantic included actual roses? Poems? Serenades?

We at Maribor Festival do! More so, we are bringing back the times when being romantic included not just reading poems, but reading poems - written for you! Or waking up to the sound of an orchestra standing in the hallway just outside your bedroom playing some heartbreakingly beautiful music - composed for you!

Yes, we are talking bad-ass romantic! Tattoos and all! We are talking big emotions, we are talking big, passionate, all-consuming, everlasting love, but, as usual, we dig deeper and push further - all the way to musical revolution, daring individualism, and both intellect and passion combined in an ununderstood genius who ventured to express the sentiments of humanity in a radical new language.

Dare joining us? Think well, before you say yes, because there is a real danger for you to fall in love. With romanticism and expressionism. With dreamers and revolutionaries. Deeply. And, of course, forever!

The Romantics at Maribor Festival, from September 3!