Creating Vegetable Instruments

General Maister Hall, Narodni dom Maribor

11. 9. 2019 at 17:00

Vegetable Orchestra

Workshop: creating vegetable instruments (for adults and children 10 years and older)


In addition to their concert performances, the musicians of the Vegetable Orchestra are pleased to offer workshops for the making of vegetable musical instruments for the audience. At these events the great masters of “vegetable music” share their secrets, teaching us to listen to vegetables, to feel them and, finally, to make musical instruments out of them with minimal kitchen skills. At the same time there is a direct collaboration with the musicians of the Vegetable Orchestra in a creative working atmosphere that goes straight into the depths of understanding this very specific art and goes behind the scenes of their fascinating creative process. This workshop will surely be equally interesting to both professional musicians and to uninitiated but curious music listeners.


Free entrance.
There is a limited number of seats, so please reserve by sending email to
Due to the skills developed at the workshop, which include the use of a kitchen knife, participation is recommended for adults and children from the age of 10.
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