Power of the heart

Let’s start with some medical facts. A human heart beats about 115,200 times a day. That’s a whopping 4.800 beats per hour, which means, during our Sunday, September 23rd Powered by Heart concert a good 12.000 should be counted. Should. But won’t!

With the programme offering all of the Beethoven cello sonatas, there are bound to be much, much more. Not only because such programme is a challenge for both the performing musicians as well as listeners, but because it’s Beethoven’s tour de force, at the same time intimate and heroic, passionate and spiritual, dreamy and dramatic! A whole universe of atmospheres, thoughts and feelings, reflecting the entire lifespan of the troubled genius. With Alexander Lonquich and Nicolas Altstaedt on stage, this epic journey is bound to be highly intense and passionate, a firework of virtuosity and a rollercoaster of emotions. Are you up to it? How strong is your heart?