From pacifiers to trumpets

Do you remember your first classical music concert? Most of us do. The excitement of anticipating something new, important and big, the solemnness of people around you, the awkwardness of being the only kid among grown-ups, the stiffness of the collar of your Sunday best shirt …

And then the sounds, the music, the magic, the awe! A very special memory we proudly treasure for the rest of our lives.

However, we at the Festival Maribor are proud to say we are guilty of a whole generation of concertgoers who definitely won't remember their first concerts! Not because of some traumatic experience (God forbid), but simply because they attended when they were still in their nappies! Yes, nappies! Festival Maribor is one of the (few) classical music festivals, which can boast an audience whose age is being counted in months, not years, and who enter our concert halls not holding mom's hands but being carried in them!

Our concerts for babies and toddlers are a hit and a sure investment in our future because even if our little concertgoers might not remember the event, it is certain that the joy of listening to classical music being performed live and up-close stays stored. And grows into love for it.

Exploring sounds and making music is one of the greatest joys in human life, so this year we have prepared even more of it (and not just for toddlers)! Introducing The Garden of Sounds, a magical place where plants and animals come alive through sounds. It's an exhibition of a particular kind, where you won't find any "Do not touch!" signs. On the contrary! We will invite you to take the objects into your hands and explore them. We will challenge you to produce sounds with them and create music!

Do accept our challenge! Excitement (and memories) guaranteed!